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Tola Adedipe, 19

Broken human failing at fixing herself. She's also failing at giving up.
Lola is my alter ego until I become the real "Tola" again.
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My Woman Crush Wednesday goes to my twin in another lifetime ❤❤❤
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Our bodies could be skin on skin and I’d still pull you closer.
Music melts all the separate parts of our bodies together.
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i have abs………olutely nothing

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i’m here.
See me, hear me, feel me.
i’m here too, it’s not just you.
You say i’m imagining it? That can’t be true.

Issues? What issues? Whatever do you mean?
Everything you say is icy - cold
It’s because of the way you say it that i’ll never do as i’m told.

You say i’m lying? You can’t trust what i say?
I shout my throat raw from the truth you never hear each and everyday.

i’m here! I can’t be a fake.
Stop calling me a liar… There’s only so much one little girl can take.
Lost? i’m not lost, i’m right here- look at me!
Not real? Liar! The mirror- then who is that? Who is this I see?

im not pretending, i’m not lying, i’m not…
To say i am… Is to stab my existence in the gut.

Lost you say?
Maybe i am
You’re cruel Sir… Almost as bad as Him.
Look for me? Don’t bother
i’ll find myself thanks.

I won’t rest until she’s found.

I won’t rest until I find Her.

By: Lola